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St. Xavier’s College Attendance Rules & Regulations

Students are advised to attend classes regularly. However, if there are genuine reasons like illness, hospitalization etc, students can avail leave after obtaining permission from the concerned officer.

  • For the purpose of calculating attendance, each semester shall be taken as a Unit for Degree Courses and each year shall be taken as a Unit for Pre-University Courses.

  • Students are strictly advises to adhere the prescribed time table.
  • Submission of medical certificates will not be considered as attendance (who has shortage of attendance) to appear to any PU/ Degree examination.
  • A minimum attendance of 75% in each subject is compulsory. Please note that the students who do not possess adequate attendance will not be permitted to appear for the final examination. There is no provision for absolution of attendance as per the University.

100% Attendance

Total Classes
Minimum Classes to Attend
Exceptional Case
  • Parents/Guardians are requested to meet the Principal/Teachers concerned to ascertain the attendance and progress of their wards at least once a month.
  • No attendance will be given to students for participation in Certificate Courses (they are conducted outside regular class hours).
  • If a student is absent for a day, he/she may attend the next day, only after getting an admit slip from the concerned officer.
  • If a student is absent for more than a day, he/she will be required to meet the Principal, with parents.
  • Prolonged or serious illness, hospitalization or long medically advised rest, must be reported to the Principal and the Concerned Officer as early as possible.
  • Students should apply for leave, only by filling in the Absence Record form, counter signed by the parents.

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